Social Feeds Mixed with Your Branding

Grandstand is focused on making it easy to keep your app updated throughout the year. In December we are rolling out new features that not only bring in your social feeds easier, but bring them in with your existing styling and branding.

This means you can turn your Facebook feed into a automated news feed for your app, with fonts and colors that match the styling in the rest of the app. Unless you make it known to them, the user will not even know they are looking at your Facebook feed. Add to this integration with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even RSS Feeds of your choice and you have a new very powerful tool for your app.

You can even bundle together different feeds into a single tabbed page, or Collection.

Setup for each of these pages couldn't be easier and is documented on our Learn page.

As you can see, Social, Feeds, & Collections are a powerful new way to showcase your content to your app users, without having to manually update it yourself.

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