Takeaways from 2024 Apple Developers Conference

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10, 2024 always has announcements that affect new features or new limitations for mobile apps and this year's AI announcements were some of the most consquential in recent years. As always, Apple has set the stage for innovation and has significant implications for Grandstand's clients. Here's a breakdown of the key takeaways from the keynote and what they mean for our ecosystem, knowing that more than 60% of our app users continue to use iOS:

AI: A Practical and Secure Approach

Apple's approach to artificial intelligence (AI) was a highlight of the keynote. Instead of presenting AI as a monolithic, all-encompassing entity, Apple showcased AI as a series of practical features designed to enhance specific functions securely. While the immediate usage is restricted to Apple's own apps, tools are being put in place to allow apps in the future to make select information available to the larger system and make it accessible to the AI system. This could be event schedules, food vendors, instructional pdfs, even map information. The only problem is that this would be restricted to iOS users so Grandstand is exploring additional opportunities to bring natural language search into our own apps with much of that processing happening in the cloud and in the app. Stay tuned for many more announcements over the next year.

Simplified Demos and Troubleshooting

One of the standout features introduced is Mac iPhone mirroring. This tool is a game-changer for sales and support teams. With the ability to mirror iPhone screens on a Mac, demonstrating app features and troubleshooting issues will become significantly more straightforward. This enhanced visibility and control can lead to quicker resolutions and more effective training sessions, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Customizable App Icons

Apple's announcement that app icons will be tintable brings a new level of customization. However, this also means that icons need to be as simple as possible, avoiding text to ensure clarity and adaptability. For Grandstand's clients, this is an opportunity to revisit app icon designs, ensuring they are streamlined and versatile to take full advantage of this new feature.

Focus on Accessibility

Apple's continued emphasis on accessibility ensures that apps are usable by everyone, including those with disabilities. Accessibility updates include Eye Tracking, a built-in option for navigating iPhone with just eyes which Grandstand will look to support as soon as possible.

Home Page Customization

Although not a feature that will affect Grandstand's apps, the ability for users to setup their home pages in new and novel ways confirms Grandstand's belief that home pages, including in-app home pages, need to be aesthetic and be more than just a utilitarian grid of icons. This is why we offer the most powerful and compelling home pages design features in the industry.

The WWDC 2024 keynote was filled with innovations that promise to elevate the user experience and operational efficiency for Grandstand's clients. By staying ahead of the curve and integrating these new features, we can continue to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our users. As always, Grandstand remains committed to harnessing the latest technological advancements to deliver exceptional value and support to our clients.


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