Top 10 Ways to Use Your App for a Virtual Fair

We know it's challenging thinking about how to use your app when your event is in flux. We've compiled a list of the 10 best ways to use your app to keep your fans thinking about your event and give them unique experiences they can't get anywhere else:

  1. Map Tour with Audio Clips
    A virtual fair or festival doesn't have to mean experiencing your event at home in front of a laptop through a website. Attendees are looking for ways to safely get out into the community and Audio Tours are a great way to extend your festival's brand and create a fun activity for families. With Grandstand's new numbered map pins and map audio clips you can create an ordered tour for your event that they can do while driving through your grounds or your city. Each stop can play a different audio clip telling the user about historical events that happened there or what's to come in the future.
  2. Scavenger Hunt
    Pair a map tour with a scavenger hunt to create an interactive game that requires users to collect a code from various stops. Through signage or wording/numbers on existing signs you can safely get users through your event grounds or community to collect these codes.
  3. Maker Lessons
    Your event is full of experts in their respective fields. Here is your chance to showcase their knowledge to provide something unique to your app users. With Grandstand Lessons you can create mini lessons in a format that shows an image or video with one paragraph of text at a time. You can even intersperse quiz questions or knowledge checks midway through the lesson to check out how well the lesson is resonating.
  4. History Quizzes
    Any event older than a couple of years could put together a quiz about your event history that would reinforce the lasting legacy of your event. The answers could even help you understand which historical themes your attendees know and could use in future marketing. Quizzes can be scored or unscored.
  5. Virtual Food and Vendors List with Social Media Links & Ordering Info
    The Food & Vendors at any event are usually the highlight for attendees. What if you could still bring these vendors together virtually and give your app users a way to connect directly to them. With Grandstand Lists you can create links to order from vendor websites, vendor Etsy pages, or even from vendor food trucks.
  6. Live Polls
    Add daily or weekly live polls to gather user feedback on serious or fun topics to give your users a reason to keep coming back to your app. Pair Live Polls with Push Notifications to let your users know when a new poll is open.
  7. Virtual Performances (via integrated YouTube)
    Even if your attendees can't see your live entertainment our Custom Pages, List Pages, and Event Pages allow you to integrate a YouTube video right in the page. Many of your live entertainers are creating content from their homes that could be used to give these performers an audience and give your users a way to see content that they might not find on their own.
  8. Merchandise Sales with Product Lists
    Using Grandstand's new Product Lists you could create a page that showcases all the merchandise you may have already ordered for this year's event or a collection of products from your vendors. Now available as part of lists you can even sell the products right through the app (requires Gumroad Account)
  9. Exclusive Photo Filters
    Create a set of photo filters for your event to let app users create "I Was There" or other messaging that bring some fun to your event virtually.
  10. Demographic Collection
    Your app always serves as a tool to collect insight about your users and even virtual events are a time to continue collecting info. This can be through email newsletter signups, exclusive surveys, volunteer signups for next year, and more.

As you can see there are lots of ways you can continue to use your app during this time period and even virtually if your event gets canceled. Let us help you find ways to keep connecting with your users and provide a unique experience in a strange time period for events.


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