E-learning Using Grandstand

At many times throughout the year, you might be interested in using your Grandstand app to deliver lessons or quizzes to your app users. This is especially true during times of at-home learning.

Many of our 4-H clients have found uses for this handy tool in sharing some activities with their members. It is a great way to reach more people in a simple-to-follow lesson set up. You can provide lessons to educate your users in an area then test their knowledge before moving on to a new lesson.

Utah 4-H has been building new lessons on their app for their “Discover 4-H” series. This outstanding series sets up the plans for 4-H leaders in a variety of topics. The first project Utah tackled was in leading students through Art lessons related to ecosystems around the world. Titled, appropriately, Discover Art Around the World, each lesson provides bite-sized junks of info and practice in creating art related to six of the primary biomes: Rainforests, Taiga Forest, Deserts, Tundra, Grasslands, and Oceans.

Users are led through a series of screens educating them on the ecosystem, and on an art technique. They are then encouraged to create their own art using their information & techniques.

Another client, Texas Horse Help, has long used quizzes as a way to prepare their members for their Level Tests or Skill-a-Thons at state-wide events.

This process is a great way to combine user interaction with key information. In addition, questions are interspersed to evaluate application and reflection on the lesson. A great way to encourage learning using new technologies. Found out below how to set up your own lesson or quiz!

  1. Go Lessons/Quizzes > Manage Lesson/Quiz. Click on the blue button in the upper left “Add Quiz or Lesson.”

  2. You can add a quiz or Lesson by filling out the necessary information. You an score or leave the questions unsecured, you can show the correct answer or not share it, you can allow the student to do the quiz over and over or just once.

  3. Next its time to build your lesson. Each screen should be a bite of the lesson. This can be a combination of an image or youtube video with text or an image or youtube video with questions. Questions can be open-ended or multiple choice. Use your imagination! Use this as a way to share information and gather opinions.

Utah’s art lesson has used the lesson to share snippets of information on each of the ecosystems, information on types of brushstrokes or the color wheel. There are not questions to test knowledge, but to encourage engagement with the topic and reflection on the activity.

The lessons and quizzes lend themselves to outstanding creativity. A great way to engage students and members and the public in different areas of your business. Possibly you have a fairgrounds and you would like to educate your visitors on the history of the grounds? Or you own a winery or a brewery and you would like to share information on the different types of brews or wines you have to offer. The lessons can be used in a multitude of ways to engage and entertain your app users.

Have questions? Contact your client specialist and we are happy to brainstorm ways we can use lessons and quizzes to enhance your app.

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