Granstand Containers Get Upgraded Look & Feel

Both of Grandstand's container apps, Grandstand - Events & Guide and 4-H Now, have been upgraded to a brand-new fresh look that puts an emphasis on discoverability. App users will see a full, scrollable list of guides and events organized by both proximity and date on the same screen. The previous versions only showed a single list ordered by either proximity or date. In addition, we've added a scrollable list of Year-Round Guides (non-event specific), a list of previously downloaded apps and guides, and a new special section that promotes some of Grandstand's pertinent and timely full App Store apps.

This new layout, which has been brought to both cantainer apps, makes it easier to find the app you are looking for as well as discover new content you didn't know existed before.

Both versions also allow for easier unsubscribing to individual push notification types, all from a single screen.

Check out the new Grandstand - Events & Guides as well as 4-H Now in the App Stores now!


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