July 2021 Launches on Grandstand

Grandstand Apps is proud to have released many outstanding apps in July, including these listed below.

Nebraska 4-H Horse Program (Nebraska)

Nebraska 4-H was our first app client and we have been proud to continue to evolve their app offerings and platforms. The Nebraska 4-H State Fair App has been a key source of information for schedules & results for the many competitors in 4-H programs every August. This year, Nebraska 4-H launched their own container app, an option for organizations who want a branded option in which many different programs can maintain their own app information. The Nebraska 4-H Horse Program was the first to utilize this new information source. Included in their app for the state Horse Show were schedules, stall maps, pattern book, results and more.

Ohio State 4-H at the State Fair (Ohio)

For several years Ohio 4-H has used Grandstand to communicate with visitors to the state fair, sharing schedules, results of contests, and more. This year, although the fair was for youth competition only, the Ohio 4-H program was able to communicate schedule info and results of the contests within the app. We are looking forward to a return to the usual greatness at the Ohio State Fair in 2022.

Dodge County Fair (Nebraska)

The Dodge County Fair has been an app client within Grandstand - Events & Guides for a couple years. This year, they added a full website and stand-alone app. The move allowed them greater integration between their web presence & app presence. They entered their schedule, list of vendors, list of food options, etc in one place and it propagated both the app and website. By selecting a stand-alone app, they made it easier for fairgoers to find their app and use it throughout their time on the grounds.

Tanana Valley State Fair (Alaska)

The Tanana Valley State Fair is the oldest fair in the state. Its location in the heart of the Alaska Interior, on the edge of Fairbanks, makes it the ideal location to provide family fun for the entire community. The app has provided a key way to promote the fair’s events, contests, and more. During the off-season, the app provides information on winter storage of motorcycles, autos, trailers, campers, and more.

Dodge City Days (Kansas)

Dodge City Days is the second-largest community festival in the state of Kansas. It is 10 days of celebrating the rich history and western heritage of the Dodge City area, as well as honor the modern contributions of Dodge City, its residents and visitors. The app and website, both built using Grandstand, aids in that commemoration by offering a design that reflects the spirit of the event while providing necessary information and updates for visitors. Both pieces share schedules, registration for events, sales info for Dodge City Days pins & apparel, sponsorship information and more. The schedule included full information about the events, and a separate schedule was included translated into Spanish for the large Spanish-speaking audience at Dodge City Days. And as with all combined web and app packages, all of it is controlled with a single admin using just one set of content.

Burlington City Arts (Vermont)

An exciting new partnership for Grandstand Apps has been with the Burlington City Arts in Vermont. This dynamic organization hosts many events during the year and Grandstand is privileged to be involved in two of them already. The organization started in the Grandstand - Events & Guides app to promote first their Juneteenth event and then upgraded to a full app before their Festival of Fools, a unique celebration of street performance within the city. Featuring colorful and attractive graphic design and integration of Burlington City Arts’ creative soul, the app is a showcase for the vibrancy of the greater Burlington community.


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