Team Member Management

As the Grandstand platform evolves so do the use cases for Grandstand in your organization. We recently rolled out Team Member Management to make it easier to control who in your organization has access to your content inside Grandstand Admin.

While we have always allowed you to have multiple users on your account, we've opened the gates on how the top administrator (or administrators) at a partner can manage their own access resources.

Starting today, we are introducing a new "Editor" role which will enable you to give a more narrow, content-focused role to some users in your organization. An Editor does not have access to make changes to the design or layout of the app, in fact those menu items are completely hidden. An editor is also restricted from adding new or editing existing Grandstand Admin users. Finally, all editors are restricted from making changes to the "Publish App" & "App Basics" portion of the Admin.

As an extra layer of security, Editors can be restricted from being able to send push notification alerts. Editors can also be restricted from hitting Publish to App (or Website) from the Content pages. This means you could grant rights to an intern in your organization to be able to create new content but not have it published until somebody with higher admin rights has had a chance to review it. Both of these add-on restrictions for Editors are optional and can be adjusted at any point.

Finally, some power users of Grandstand will have access to enhanced access options, including some users only being able to send alerts, some users only being able to manage e-commerce, and many more options that we haven't even envisioned for our partners yet.

If you are classified as an Administrator in Grandstand you will continue to have access to everything you did before. It is recommended that you check this new page soon to make sure you are comfortable with who has access to what in your organization.

Team Member Management is accessible by any user in the top right corner of any page in Grandstand Admin. As always please let us know what you think of this new feature and how we can continue to improve it.

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