Geo-Confirmation Added to Surveys & Live Polls

Add more security to your surveys, live polls, and custom forms by checking if app users are near where they are supposed to be during redemption. With the new Geo-Confirmation feature available to all Grandstand packages of Gold and higher, you can add submission-time checking to individual forms.

One of our partners, City Scout - Decatur, wanted to make sure that only people attending one of their Battle of the Bands events were able to vote. They created a live poll to select the people's choice winner and restricted submission to users currently in downtown Decatur. When mixed with one-time only voting this gave an accurate view of user's view on the Battle of the Bands competitors.

From a security standpoint, this feature only grabs the location at submission (a one-time location check) and makes sure it is within the given radius. Admin users have the ability to control the sensitivity of the radius as inside locations require a larger radius than outdoor locations.

This feature is available now to all Gold or higher packages.

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