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Grandstand, creators of the app + website platform for festivals, educational institutions & groups, and trade or community organizations, is excited to announce the release of another key element in our suite of offerings with Grandstand E-Commerce. With the release of this new option, clients of all sizes and types can offer the sale of a variety of goods and services in their app or website. Types of sale items include:

  • Physical Good - Examples include t-shirts, hats, or a shippable gift card
  • Digital Good - Examples include ticket, PDF of a publication, or even artwork
  • Single Use Pass/Membership/Subscription - Examples include a single-year event dining pass or a coupon pass that expires on a certain date
  • Renewable Pass/Memberships/Subscriptions - Examples include a trade organization membership, annual tourism coupon subscription (renewable under same account), or even a monthly subscription to a service where a user can redeem daily at select venues
  • Event Registration - Examples include a summer basketball camp, a cooking class, a trade show, a 4-H clinic

E-commerce can also increase the donations an organization can seek. Clients have the option of adding a fixed extra donation to any purchase. For example, a county 4-H program could ask for a one-time $10 donation to the 4-H Foundation.

E-commerce solutions allow the opportunity for purchasers to use a coupon code or a referral code as they are checking out as well. Perhaps high school golf teams are competing to sign up the most golf pass users. Each team is given a code that the purchaser uses to give credit to the team for signing up a new user. That code can also be used as a coupon code that gives the purchaser $10 off the membership, while giving credit to the high school team.

Should a group use the app to sell event registrations, it would close the loop of selling the registration, and providing the information needed for the registrant as they attend the event, like a 4-H camp or clinic or a summer basketball camp. The attendee will have purchased their entrance to the camp, received notifications for upcoming required information, have the app in hand to share directions to buildings or times for their events, all in one place.

Finally, gift giving is built into all of these solutions allowing for easy purchasing by the gift giver and easy redemption for the gift recipient. Passes, memberships and subscriptions are easily redeemable and able to be added to any account with our unique code-based redemption system.

Grandstand is so excited for the opportunities this offers our current and future clients as they continue to be a leader in the app + website solutions for events, venues & organizations of all sizes.

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