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Website Home Page Layout - Getting Started

Grandstand is focused on two things, saving our customers time in setup, and delivering your message in the exact format your customers are looking for. This. means we want to make the setup process for your website extremely easy while realizing that websites need different finessing than apps do.

To get started with your website setup go to WEB LAYOUT -> Home Page Layout and select one of the layout options. Here are some of the options which are constantly being added to:

As you can see in the above examples, you can accomplish some very powerful web layouts simply by uploading a logo, a large image, and then taking advantage of all the great content you may have setup already for your app.

In the first two examples, the image is loaded behind the logo and menu. This means you do have to be careful that you have selected a photo with enough dark or light contrast that the menu items and headlines will be legible over the top. With these options you also have the ability to control the height of the image, anywhere from 50% of the starting screen size to full-screen. Headline text is fed from the Grandstand Admin and is easily changeable at any point. Below this header and image area you can select from content you have already setup or soon will setup. This could be a schedule, more custom imagery, a countdown widget, a map, a survey, or any combination of these types of content.

The other two examples, feature a smaller header that sits above a single image or rotating group of images. In these examples, the BACK TO FUN image is a graphic with text included in the graphic.

The above examples show how a sample layout might work depending on which Home Page Header Layout you choose. In addition to all of these customizations, you can also adjust fonts, sizes, and obviously colors, giving you virtually endless options for how to stylize your page.

Here are some additional tips for how to setup a powerful home page

  • You can create additional full-width images on your page (instead of an image that only goes to the edges of the content) by simply setting up a Custom Page with a single image in it and nothing else. Then include that Custom Page on your Home Page
  • The colors for the Countdown Widget will automatically be taken from your dark web color

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