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Adding Photo Filters to Your App

Adding photo filters to your app adds a way for your users to be able to take photos as memories and give you a way to share your brand. You can add as many filters as you like. It is simple to do and allows you creativity in how they might look.

Grandstand uses the same size photo filters that you might already be creating for Snapchat. This size is 1080x1920 (9/16 ratio). Our rules for the uploads are:

  1. Start with a width of 1080 and height of 1920. When saved it can be reduced proportionately to get to a smaller file size. The final saved file should never be smaller than 700px by 1244px
  2. Preferably a total size of under 400 KB
  3. Save as a transparent PNG
  4. Text, logos and anything else CAN be used since the photo is sized to fit the filter (not vice versa). The graphic will not stretch and will always stay in the same aspect ratio.
  5. The process to add the filter is:

    1. Create your graphics using the instructions above.
    2. You will open Photo Filters > Manage Filters and click on “Add Image/Graphic” in the upper right.
    3. Click Choose File and upload your images (one-by-one)
    4. Once your images are uploaded, click on “Create New Photo Filter” in the upper right corner.
    5. Fill out the information:
      • Name of your Filter
      • Click the box next to “Active Filter” to make your filter available in the app.
      • Select the graphic from the dropdown list.
      • Save
    6. You should now see a preview of your filter in the list. If you are happy with it, Click “Update to App”. Check it in your app.


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