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What is a Content Block?

Our Custom Pages are made up of groups of content blocks. Literally like stacking blocks on top of each other you can create a page with many interactive elements very easily.

Types of Content Blocks include:

  • Text - Headline
  • Text - Subhead
  • Text - Paragraph & Body Text
  • Button - Link to Website
  • Button - Link to In-App Page
  • Button - Link to PDF (stored in app - works offline)
  • Button - Link to PDF (stored in cloud)
  • Button - Start Phone Call
  • Button - Start Pre-Addressed SMS Text Message
  • Button - Start Pre-Addressed Email
  • Button - Open Pre-Addressed Map Outside of App
  • Image - Full-Width Photo
  • Video - Full Width YouTube (stored in cloud)

You can mix any of the content blocks up on any page to create a stacked list of links, text, photos and more!

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