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Common Batch Upload Problems

Grandstand is one of the only app platforms that allows true batch uploading for nearly all the content in your app. We have two types of batch uploading, event and lists. Here are some common problems users run into when doing batch uploads with excel files:

  1. If you used our starter template please make sure that any blank columns are removed from your spreadsheet and are not included in the column order list. This is the No. 1 issue we see when there are upload errors.
  2. Date field is not a date field - Please confirm all date fields are marked as valid date fields in Excel or Google Sheets.
  3. Time fields are not setup as 24 hour time - Please confirm your times are listed as 22:00 instead of 10:00 pm for example.
  4. Excel columns don't match your order - If you aren't using a column we recommend removing it from your excel file and dragging that column title in Grandstand Admin from Included in Upload File to Not Included in Upload File. A blank column can cause errors in your upload and result in a false positive upload.
  5. Your Excel file has one or more frozen rows, including a header row. Simply click on the frozen rows, go to the VIEW tab in Excel and hit Unfreeze Panes. Any file with frozen rows will not be able to be uploaded.
  6. Your Excel file has formulas or multiple choice selections in the cells. Imports will not work with cells of either of these types. To fix this create a blank column next, select all from the column with formulas (or multi-choice), return to the blank column and do a Paste Special (select to paste just the values). Then delete the original column with formulas.
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