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Setting Up Custom Pages


Custom Pages is one of the most powerful tools on Grandstand, giving you the power to create nearly any type of page you can imagine. Each Custom Page is made of Content Blocks that stack on top of each other. Each content block will fill the whole width of the phone or tablet and stack on top of Custom Page Examples the content block below it.

Step 1: Add Page
Add Page Custom Pages -> Manage

To get started hit the Add Page button and give the page a name. This is the name that will show at the top of the page in the header. Depending on your package you can also add password protection to your page. The password used will be the same for all users but can be changed periodically.

Step 2: Add Content Block
Custom Pages -> Manage

Once the page has been added you can begin adding content to it. To do this, click on the pencil icon to go Edit Page Content. On this page you have a few options. You can Upload an Image to your library, Upload a PDF to your library or Add Content Block which we will be doing in this step. Once you click Add Content Block you will be given a choice of many different types of Blocks. These include:

  • Headline or Large Text: Big separator text
  • Body Text: Any long-form text should use this format
  • Phone Number Button: One-click button to call a phone number
  • Link to External Native Map Button: Provide a Lat/Long and button will pop open the device’s map (outside of the app) with the Lat/Long already set.
  • Link to Web Button: One-click button to open a webpage inside the app in a custom browser.
  • Full-Width Single Photo: Add graphics or photos between or at the top of your content.
  • Link to SMS Text Message: One-click button to prefill a text message with the recipient info and optionally a message
  • Link to Email: One-click button to prefill an email message with the recipient info and optionally a message
  • *Embedded Offline PDF: One-click button to pop open a PDF that has been saved to the app and doesn’t need connectivity to open
  • *YouTube Video: In-line video will show on the page for iOS and provide a link to the YouTube player for Android
  • *Link to In-App Page: One-click button to link to another page in the app. This could be a Scavenger Hunt page, a Map, or even another Custom Page.
  • *Link to PDF: One-click button to open a hosted PDF in the app (for iOS) or in the PDF-designated app (for Android)

Step 3: Update to the App

When you are ready to go or just want to test out your progress hit the ‘Update Pages in App’ button in the top right of the Manage page. To access your custom page in the app you will need to either have it linked to an icon, a side menu link, or a button on another Custom Page (this option not available to all users).

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