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Frequently Asked Questions about Grandstand Sites

We recently launched Grandstand Sites and described many of the features and benefits of the platform in our initial release announcement. Below are some initial questions we have been getting about the platform which we will continue to update as they come in:

What types of content can be included in the website that is also in the app?

All modules that would be useful in a website from Grandstand Build will be included in Grandstand Sites including calendars, interactive maps, full-featured lists, surveys, lessons or quizzes, social media feed integration, and competition results.

What content is only available in the website?

There is no content that is only available on a website. All features from the web translate to the app. You can use different menu items for each.This means you can have content that is exclusive to each format.

What types of content is not available for the website that is in the app?

In deciding what content would not work for the web that is included in our apps, we decided not to translate scavenger hunts, photo booths, alert management, or coupons/rewards at launch. Although these are great features in an app, they do not make sense in a website since these are all features that useful when you are in the specific location or are tied to mobile functionality.

What if I don’t own a website domain?

If you don’t already have a domain, we can purchase one for you. We will purchase and manage the custom standard domain.

What if I already have a domain and want to switch?

Switching your current domain from one web provider to Grandstand Sites is a very simple process:

  1. Log in to the site where your domain is registered (ie, GoDaddy, Hover, Bluehost, or where you might have purchased your domain name)
  2. Go to your account info and find where it lists your “A Record” on the DNS page.
  3. Switch the value in the A Record field to the one Grandstand Sites provides you.
  4. Save and wait a few minutes for it to take effect.
Will this affect my email at my currently-owned domain?

No, you can keep your email just as you have it with your current domain provider.

How much will a new web domain cost me?

If you do not yet own your domain, we will purchase it for you at no cost.

I already have an app with Grandstand, how can I add a website?

Just contact your Grandstand rep and we will start the process to get you set up!

Can I pay for just the website and not an app?

Not at the current moment although we have plans to offer web-only packages in the future.

Do I update information for the app and website separately?

No, the greatest feature of Grandstand Sites is that the same Content Management System (Grandstand Build) that propagates your app with information also is used for your website. No more will you have to update your app and website in two different places behind two or more different log-ins.

I have surveys in the app, can those be included in the website?

Surveys, forms and quizzes will all be included in the website as they look in the app. In addition, the data from the submissions for each of these is stored in Grandstand Build in the same database. So you will be able to get all of the responses in one place, available to be viewed or downloaded.

My app home page is a series of graphics with buttons. How does this translate to a web home page?

We give you the opportunity to customize your web home page with one or multiple modules, including content that is only shown on the website. This means you could have your home page display an event countdown, a daily schedule, and a contact form, for example. The customization options are nearly limitless.

What can be included in the front page content?

We will determine with you what should be on the front page of your site. We will determine a main header image, a menu and content you would like to include in the content blocks. Those blocks might include any combination of schedule (full schedule or a defined range of day or week), map, custom text/images, videos, maps, survey/form. The front page of your site can be any combination of these blocks. In addition, we can build the menu to match the options you would like, up to 2 levels deep. For example, your main menu choices are: Schedule, Map, Vendors, Social Media. Under Vendors you can have multiple options such as food, crafts, & commercial.

Your options are varied for how your front page can look and what it might include.

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