What’s New in October at Grandstand

We are starting a monthly column showcasing all the new things we’ve been building at Grandstand. October has been an extremely busy month for us at Grandstand with lots of new releases and updates:

Multi-App Admin Access
A much requested feature, you can now control multiple apps with a single user account. Already have an event for your fair or festival and looking to create an app for your church or another community event. Now you can. If you are interested in adding another app to your account let us know and we will add a free 30-day test app to your account that you can immediately start building your next creation with.

New Home Page Layouts
Two additional home page layouts have been added in recent days and may be available for your app now or upon it’s next release. Our new Grid Layout design enables you to create groups of images to serve as your links on your home page. You can put them in groupings of 1, 2, or 3 wide. The other layout style, Page Layout, allows you to override the home page by making any Page Builder page the active home page.

Address/Business Name to Latitude/Longitude ConversionWe’ve made it easier than ever to add pins to your maps. Now you can enter in an address or even a business name and have it automatically drop a pin in that location on the map. Give it a try to see how easy it is to add new map pins to your maps!

Embedded YouTube Videos on Event Listings & Page Builder Pages
Many events and businesses want to give their customers a preview of an upcoming event. With embedded YouTube videos you now have the ability to showcase and promote your events by giving your users a taste of that performer without ever leaving the app. Simply add your YouTube embed ID to the event listing or page builder page.

New Pricing for Container Apps
We’ve also made changes to the pricing of our Container apps, such as Grandstand Events. Creating an app and having it included in our Container App now starts at just $199 per event/year and goes up to $999.