What’s New in December at Grandstand

November and December were very busy months for us at Grandstand. Here are just a few of the things we rolled out:

Themed Links on List Pages – We’ve given you better control than ever to include contextual links to businesses, speakers, and more that you might build as part of our ‘List’ tool in the app. Here are the themed links you can now use that are built in natively:

  1. – Facebook
    – Instagram
    – Twitter
    – YouTube
    – Spotify
    – SoundCloud
    – iTunes
    – Google Play
    – Order Online
    – View Menu
    – Call Uber
    – Yelp
    – Phone Number
    – 2 Custom Links with Ability to Title the Button

4-H Now Container App – Coming January 1 is the newest addition to our growing container app family – 4-H Now – a collection of 4-H focused apps built by state, county and local 4-H groups. 4-H Now will be the home for hundreds of county 4-H groups who are looking to build an inexpensive app for their fair and other events throughout the year. More details coming on this in early January!

iPhone X Support – We are continuing to rollout new updates to all our existing apps as we add support for iPhone X. Many apps have already been rolled out with more added every day. We are very proud of the way Grandstand apps look on the iPhone X and longer-screen Android devices.

Map Upgrades – Maps are a vital part of nearly every Grandstand app and so we are constantly adding to features to this vital tool for you and your users. New this month are the ability to add photos to any map item as well as provide links to corresponding list items.

Header – We’ve always allowed you unbelievable control of the home page with the ability to create nearly any type of home page layout you were looking for. We are now bringing that control to interior pages. First up is the ability to supplement or take over your interior page headers with an image graphic. You can use patterns that match your existing brand or continue to use our solid color tools that we have always offered you.

Quiz – In November we rolled out Quiz, a huge new module that allows you to create many types of quizzes for your users, including the ability to score the quiz and unlock rewards. More details of Quiz can be found in our article from November.