Texas 4-H Roundup Success Story

The 2015 Texas 4-H Roundup app was met with the perfect storm of excited youth, social content creation in the app, and the ability to finally ditch the paper schedules for one of the nation’s largest 4-H gatherings. When more than 3,000 youth descended upon College Station, Texas earlier this week, the iPhone and Android app was a companion for a majority of them.4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 2

Like all Grandstand apps, the Roundup app featured detailed schedules, interactive maps, event favoriting, sharing opportunities and other important information attendees need to know. But it was the added features that proved most popular for Texas youth. The photo booth feature that allowed app users to snap a photo and save it or share it in a custom 4-H Roundup-branded frame, saw usage and sharing by more than a third of the app users. Since the frame contained the event hashtag, the viral nature of these photos helped make the #texas4hroundup a trending-topic on the first day in Houston on Twitter. Mixed with the opportunity to share the hashtag from the events pages, map pages, and social pages, the event saw an increased social engagement from previous years.

The app also featured something important to teenagers, money saving opportunities at local restaurants. Participating restaurants could list specials available only to users of the app.

Over the course of the 3-day Roundup, 69% of the users who downloaded the app used it more than 5 times during the 3-day Roundup. In fact, popular items, like the event screen, saw average view times that exceeded 4 minutes each time. Even more impressive, the average user added more than 6 events to their custom itinerary.

Using the Grandstand Manager, Texas 4-H personnel sent once push notification per day which caused immediate spikes in traffic at the moment of delivery. Texas used this to announce last-second venue changes, but also made those changes within the app for a seamless experience for the users.


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