Quiz Maker Now Available

Grandstand Apps is excited to announce the release of a new feature for those using the Grandstand Apps platform. The Quiz Maker offers the ability for you to develop a series of questions to quiz or test understanding of your app users. Text pages can be inserted between question pages to share information before testing understanding.

Options for question types include:

  • those that are scored or not scored
  • single choice or multi-choice answers, paragraph entry, single-line entry
  • paragraph or single-line entry with open-ended (i.e. opinion answer) or exact match (i.e. correct label for a part of a horse)
  • can be tied to rewards for completing or getting a certain score

This feature is especially useful when using the app builder to reach new employees for training purposes, or when using it as a unique way to develop mobile-friendly curriculum. For training, you can revise your training or quiz questions and create a digital training and leadership experience for your staff. For educational organizations or 4-H, you can deliver your curriculum to a tech-savvy population with interactive results-driven test questions.

The Grandstand Quiz Maker is available to all new Silver and above users immediately and will begin rollout to additional current partners within weeks.

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