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Your Brand. Your App.

No matter which app package you choose your brand should come first. Every app package comes with powerful tools to build an app that matches your brand, including full-page graphics, custom icon options, and unparalleled color and font control. Try one of Grandstand’s un-templates below.

Per Event/Year
Container App
Powerful Features
Everything in Silver, Plus
Up to 5 Different Calendars at a Time
Up to 7 Admin Users
Geofenced Photo Filters
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Solo App Store App
Custom Pricing
Everything Offered in the Container Apps Plus
Stand-Alone App Store App with Your Icon & Name
Ala Carte Features Based on Unique Needs for Your App
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10 Base Modules for All Plans

Included in All Plans

Single-Event Calendar
Single-event multi-day calendar with links to maps, lists
Monthly Calendar
Month-at-a-glance calendar with links to maps, lists
Native Maps
Set pins over the top of Google/Apple native maps
Custom Graphic Maps
Upload your own maps for inside buildings, trade shows, etc.
Page Builder
Create pages with mixes of photos, web links, long-form text, as well as buttons that trigger action to place a call, start a text message, get directions and more
Twitter Feed Integration
View Twitter feeds of select usernames and hashtags as well as promote hashtag usage throughout the app. Number of Twitter usernames and hashtags varies by package.
Turn any lists you have into interactive, searchable lists within the app. Lists are typically used to show attendees, speakers, store listings, vendor listings, food vendors, sponsors and more
Priority Lists
Add multiple levels or hierarchy to your lists with featured and priority lists that segment your lists into smaller groupings
Photo Filters
Take on Snapchat and Instagram with custom photo filters that can overlay user photos. Number of filters varies by package.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Container App is a groundbreaking new offering for Grandstand that gives you all the power of a full app at a fraction of the cost. A Container App is a tool to help you amplify your voice by providing interactive content that is not just a resource for your customers and attendees but is something that enhances their experience with your brand. With a setup that gives you the most branding power of anyone in the industry, your users will download the Container that aligns with your brand. This Container could be Grandstand Events, 4-H Now, or some of our other speciality niche Container apps.

If you are producing an app for your event your attendees can download your app inside the ‘Grandstand’ Container App in the Apple and Google Play App Stores. We also have select specialty Containers available for 4-H programs and events (4-H NOW), FFA programs and events (FFA NOW coming soon), with additional niche Containers added everyday. This is a great way to make sure your users only have access to similar Containers that all share common themes.

A Private Container is a branded collection of your apps, similar to 4-H NOW, that allows you to group all of your apps into a single location with your own Apple and Google Play App Store presence. We help you craft your Private Container home page and you fill it with as many Container Apps as you would like, with each one being purchased separately. To qualify for your own Private Container, spend at least $4,500 on Container Apps and we will create your own Private Container and submit it on your behalf under your brand in the respective App Stores.

Absolutely! Just pay the difference between your Container App and your custom-quoted Apple and Google Play App Store apps. The upgrade price starts at $1,200/year depending on your initial Container App package choice.

Yes! You can keep your Container App hidden and only accessible via a code you distribute.

Yes! All of our custom packages contain both an app for iOS and Android. Both apps will be published to each of their respective app stores simultaneously. Optional iPad Kiosk upgrades exist in some packages.

We are the first in the industry to offer clients their own Private Container app that can each contain unlimited amounts of Container Apps, each priced at the standard Container App price. An example of a client with their own Private Container is Wenatchee Valley which is available in both app stores. Each event in the city of Wenatchee has the ability to create their own Container App, with their own branding, their own access, their own data, and have it included in the Wenatchee Valley app. This is a great way to consolidate Container Apps around a larger brand. Private Containers require a minimum Container App commitment to get started.

Our unique platform and Grandstand Control Panel gives you the option to both design and enter in the content or turn one or both of these tasks over to our team. Guides can be published immediately to one of our Containers like Grandstand Events, 4-H Now, and others. Stand-alone apps require you to have an Apple and Google developer account which can take a few days to gain approval on so please factor that into your overall timeline.

For Container Apps you can pay via credit card at any point during or immediately after the 14-day free trial. For custom options where Grandstand helps you build, design, or manage the app we can do custom billing options that could involve invoicing or credit cards. If invoices are chosen we will do quarterly or yearly invoices.

Yes! You can manage as many apps as you need with a single admin login. Once you’ve paid for the first you can start additional apps at any point.

We offer full-service options starting at an extra $300 in addition to our self-service setup through our Grandstand Control Panel. Full-service content setup includes all schedule entry, vendor entry, coupon setup, map pin setup, and much more.

In 2017, Grandstand unveiled a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to preview your app in one of our downloadable Containers like Grandstand Events, 4-H Now or others. Once the base design is complete you will be able to enter a code to load a test version of your app to your phone. This makes tweaking the design and content easier and quicker. If you have purchased a standalone app, once you get close to launch, we use Apple’s TestFlight and Google Play Beta to provide final previews of the app for you. Since almost 100% of the content of the app is not packaged with the app but silently loaded in the background, typically only one beta build is needed and most times that version is then pushed live to the general public. The only items we lock in at launch are the app icon and the default loading screens. Everything else, including home page background, logos, icons, etc. can be changed at any point.


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