Mobile Apps for Museums, Zoos & Historical Sites

Our hybrid approach to mobile apps means that we will work with you to create a custom look and feel, and then give you the tools to manage the content using our exclusive Grandstand Builder. This unique approach means that you will always have an app that matches your brand, without the price tag that is usually associated with apps of this quality.

Pricing for mobile visitor attraction apps available for $1,999 per year for a branded, stand-alone app with no setup fees and only a 1-year commitment.

Simple Setup. Powerful Results.

Custom Maps

Grandstand makes it easy to create and manage an interactive map that for your guests to find what they are looking for. Using your own map designs, you can upload the map into our Grandstand Content Management System and then drop map pins over all the locations you want to designate. The graphical map sits atop the native Google or Apple Map so visitors can track themselves in relation to places of interest. For maps requiring a larger area, you can utilize the native Google and Apple maps and drop custom pins over the top. Our newest features allow you to use a custom graphic map over the top of the native Apple and Google maps so visitors can track where they are in relation to your locations of interest.

All maps feature the ability to search and filter by type. In addition, all locations can be shared via social media to encourage and allow guests to help spread the word about where they are.

In addition, you can have multiple maps in the same app, which is useful if your museum campus or zoo has multiple maps or sites.


Feature all the events going on at your museum or any of your historical locations with our unique calendar and schedule builder. Your guests will be able to see details for each event with action items associated with each. You can encourage them to share the event, add it to their mobile device calendar, find the location of the event on the map.

Each schedule item can be linked to venue information, the actual location on a map, websites, phone numbers and more. And best of all, all of this is controlled from the Grandstand Apps Builder platform.

Creating events using our admin tool couldn’t be easier with the latest addition that gives you the ability to setup recurring events that might occur, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Alerts & Notifications

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile app over just a mobile website is the ability to send the user push notifications. With custom alerts we give you the power to reach out to your attendees at specific times. We offer three different types of alert setups. The first and most basic is a single alert that every app user can either opt in or out of. The second type allows your users to toggle the types of alerts they want to receive. Third is a password protected option that goes out to a specific group of users (for example, only to employees or to a list of members-only). Then, using our Grandstand App Builder tools you select the subgroup you want to send to, craft your message, and hit send. It’s as simple as that.

In addition, you can include custom action items that will take the user from the alert to the app to a video. For example, the ability to schedule all of your alerts for an event before it starts and have our system send them out at your predetermined time.

Photo Booth

Any app can include a link to the camera feature on a phone, but we take it one step further with a unique photo booth feature that allows your users to add various enhancements to their photos, including your logos, hashtags, and other theme items. By creating a custom experience for your users they are shown to not only take more photos but to more frequently share them via social media. Even better, we give your users multiple choices of filters that they can preview just by swiping left to right after taking the photo. Filters can be custom created to match your brand.

Social Media

All of our apps have social media hooks built into nearly every screen of the app. If you are on the schedule page you are encouraged to share specific events via your social feeds and provided with one-click links to do so. If you are on the News page you are given the opportunity to post via a specific hashtag for your event.

Scavenger Hunt

Create an interactive game for your guests by adding a scavenger hunt to your museum, zoo, or historical tour app. At each location stop the users can verify they are there with a code entry. This is a great way to get your attendees to explore all areas of your facility or encourage them to visit select stores and restaurants in an area. Even better, create a unique redemption coupon or prize for users that complete a configurable percentage of the stops. For example, you could have 10 stops and offer customers who collect at least 5 stops a gift card or coupon.


Prove how effective the app is to your surrounding community by offering redeemable coupons directly from the vendor pages or following an interactive game completion or even a survey. These coupons can be set to be redeemable only once or unlimited with multiple types of redemption options. You can even create a form that the user must fill out before redeeming the coupon to gain even more demographic data.

In addition to coupons, offer ad space in the app, including loading page spots, and lower banners on each page of the app.

Robust Search

Allow your users to search through schedules, vendor lists, sponsors, map locations, and results all from a single search box on the home page. In addition, each section has its own built-in search for context-sensitive searching.

All of this can be managed using our innovative app management platform called Grandstand Builder. To learn more give us a call at 402-770-1654 or click on the link below to get started.