Mobile Scavenger Hunt
Gets Attendees Moving

scavenger_code_iphone6_gold_side1One of the challenges to hosting any event is getting attendees to explore as much of the event facilities and grounds as possible. Grandstand has developed a solution that can be added to a mobile event app to bring a fun and interactive scavenger hunt to the event experience.

Using Grandstand’s new Scavenger Hunt Builder, an event host can setup a connected series of scavenger hunt locations that can be completed by the user by either entering a 4-digit code or scanning a QR code. Successful scavenger hunt participants can then be rewarded with gifts or coupons for completing a set percentage of the stops on the hunt.

Grandstand is rolling out this new feature at the 2015 IAFE Convention in Las Vegas as an optional upgrade for its 2016 event apps. Using the Grandstand App platform, fairs and festivals of any size can manage and control a fully native suite of apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile.

“We’ve been to so many events where the best exhibits and booths are in locations that just don’t get the traffic flow needed for them to come back year after year,” said Jeff Abele, President of Grandstand. “Our goal with Scavenger Hunt Builder is to give people a reason to explore all the fun and interesting areas of your event.”

For more details on this feature call us at 402-770-1654.