How iOS App Preorders Benefit Event Hosts

In order to be the most efficient and innovative in app development, Grandstand Apps is proud to offer iOS app pre-orders to any new client. Grandstand works directly with Apple to make your app available for pre-order via a product page in the App Store. Giving customers the option to pre-order your event app allows you to incite a buzz about your event without having to fully publish before the event schedule is finalized.


How it Works

Prior to releasing your app, Grandstand Apps works with you to build an extensive and informative application filled with tons of visual and textual content. Your product page is published to the App Store where customers can order your app before it is released. This product page includes a basic description, price and expected release date. The release date is up to you and can be anywhere from 2 to 90 days in the future. Be sure to plan ahead and set a release date that you can adhere to; it is important to provide your customers with accurate information. As long as your app is brand new and has never been published in the App Store, it is eligible for pre-order.


Benefits to Event Hosts

Hosting an event entails many details and incredible organization. From booking big name music acts to which food vendor will be set up where, there are a million things to consider. Working with Grandstand Apps to set up your event app for pre-order gives you more time to focus on your event ensuring a successful and entertaining celebration. It is a far better customer experience for the user to see a fully stocked app instead of one with only partial content; however, events typically like to wait to launch until they have as close to a final schedule as possible. Essentially by taking preorders, you maintain your customer base and keep them interested without being forced to launch too early.


App Pre-Order Bonuses

Along with providing a better customer experience, there are a few other bonuses to making your app available for pre-order. After you receive your first pre-order, custom pre-order reports begin to generate. Helpful pre-order reporting tracks the number of your app’s pre-orders made and canceled by customers. This information is convenient in estimating the number of event attendees and the effectiveness of your marketing channels. To best market to your audience that your app is available for pre-order, Grandstand Apps can help you with posting the App Store Pre-Order Badge to your website and social media outlets. Customers simply need to click on the button and they are taken directly to your app product page in the App Store.


On the release date that you have chosen, your app automatically downloads to your customer’s device and they also receive a notification telling them that your app is now available. If yours is a paid app, customers are not charged until the day the app is downloaded and they can always cancel pre-orders in the App Store settings, making pre-ordering risk free to your customers. With so many benefits and very little risk, offering your app for pre-order with Grandstand Apps is definitely the way to go.