Grandstand Builder


Behind every great app resides a great administrative tool. You don’t want to have to pay for development work each time you want to change something in your app. That’s where Grandstand Builder comes in. Grandstand Builder is a simple-to-use web-based administrative tool that allows you to take control of nearly every piece of your app design and content. Once logged in, you and other members of your team can change and add content at your leisure. Even better, no changes get pushed to the app until you are ready, allowing you to add multiple pieces of content at once and push them to the app only when you are complete.

Many users have compared the ease-of-use to website manager WordPress. While we love these comparisons we have set this up in a way that even the most novice of web users will be able to control their own app.

Grandstand offers multiple levels of support from full content management throughout the year or throughout your event, to complete do-it-yourself levels of involvement.

Explore how Grandstand Builder can help you put together an app that will actually get used.



To learn more give us a call at 402-770-1654 or start building your own!