Getting Started with Your Silver Package

We are glad you are ready to get started with your silver package! Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. BILLING – If you are wanting to pay by credit card you will be able to skip this step and pay in the Grandstand Admin once you have access. If you are paying by check we will be sending you an invoice via email. We are a trusting group and don’t require that payment is made in full before getting started.
  2. ACCESS – If you don’t already have access to Grandstand Admin we will be creating your new account, which will include the sample setup that many types of apps like yours typically use. You will use your existing email as the login plus a password we will create for you.
  3. DESIGN – Once you have access you can get started on the design. Nearly all of the design will take place in the General Design & Setup area of the Admin. At any point you can have Grandstand create and implement a design for you for an extra $300. Again, if paying by credit card this can be done in the admin or via invoice if paying by other means. With your silver package you have access to 4 types of layouts for your home page which can each be configured in many different ways. On the Home Layout & Design page you can see examples of what other apps have created and how they created them.
  4. PREVIEW ON A REAL DEVICE – Once you have started your design you can start previewing it on your own device. From either the Google Play App Store or Apple App Store you can search for Grandstand Viewer and then enter your unique code listed on the Grandstand Admin home page. If you haven’t tweaked the content yet, some links may not yet work but having a real version of the app on a real device makes things easier from here.
  5. CONTENT LOADING – After you have started your design you may want to begin adding in content behind each of the icons and menu items. Many of the modules like events and maps have samples started for you. If you run into any questions at any point please let us know. We also provide full content loading services with prices based on how much content might need loaded.
  6. PUBLISH – After the design is finished and all content is loaded you can fill out the Publish page in the top-right hand of all pages in the Admin. This page will allow you to upload an icon for the home page of the container app and give us other key details about the app. If you are all paid up at this point it should be live in the Container app of your choice very shortly.