Getting Started with Your Custom App

We are glad you are ready to get started with your custom app! Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. LOGIN TO GRANDSTAND CONTROL PANEL – Using your provided login or one you created earlier go to and sign in. Once signed in you will see your dashboard home page.
  2. ENTER BASIC INFO – Under the General Settings area of the Dashboard Home page please fill out the basics for your app, including official app name and the default location info.
  3. UPLOAD CONTENT – In the next column, NEXT STEPS, you will see an option to upload design assets that we will need to design your app. Here are some of the assets you should upload to us via this tool:
    1. LOGO – Please send a high-resolution logo in either .png, .eps, or high-quality .jpg. The higher-resolution the better the end result.
    2. PHOTOS – If you have some photos you would like to incorporate into the design of the app please upload those. Again, better quality photos are preferred.
    3. STYLE GUIDE – If you have a style guide please upload it, if not, please let your customer-service representative know that you would like the colors to match a website, a photo, the logo, or any other color scheme you can provide.
    4. ADDITIONAL DESIGN ASSETS – Many partners have pre-existing design assets, like icons, or other glyphs that are commonly used alongside their brand. Please provide those if they exist as well
  4. DEVELOPER ACCOUNTS – The process of securing developer accounts through Apple and Google can sometimes take a few days so please start this process as close to the beginning as possible. You can access our page on signing up for developer accounts on your Home Dashboard under ‘Next Steps’

Once we get this info we will get started on setting up your app. Our billing services will provide additional information to you to get that process stated to either pay by credit card or traditional invoice.

Welcome aboard!