First Private Container App Launches

Working with the City of Wenatchee in Washington State, Grandstand Apps had the pleasure of launching their first private container app. The Wenatchee Valley area is famous amongst outdoor enthusiasts for skiing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and more. Now, with the Wenatchee Valley container app, the region’s population of over 100,000 people can find out about local events with the click of a button.

Grandstand offers events and business three options when it comes to app building – Stand-Alone App Store Apps, Container Apps, or Private Containers. The City of Wenatchee has chosen to build Grandstand’s first-ever private container app which gives them their own App Store app that functions just like Grandstand Events or 4-H Now –  Grandstand’s two other container apps. This means, individual events and businesses in Wenatchee have the power to customize the look and the content of their specific app and include it in the Wenatchee app very easily. Using the Grandstand Events app, the City of Wenatchee hosts many different events, each with its own app personality to match the branding for that particular event. Each participating partner in that specific event is able to pay for their portion of the app separate and app administrators have access to the shared content between each app. From photography and beekeeping classes to annual evening galas, the residents of the Wenatchee Valley area are quickly informed of the upcoming event via the Wenatchee Valley App.

The best thing about using a container app is that once the user downloads the app, they now have the app on their iPhone or Android when the next Wenatchee Valley event rolls around. Also, the app auto-recognizes the user’s location and features events close in proximity so that most of the time the user opens the app and immediately sees the event they are looking for. The cost is $3,000 up front, plus the container app price which ranges from $199-$999 per event per year depending on how many users and how many features are desired. Clients such as the City of Wenatchee do have the option to move any of the apps included as part of the container app into its very own stand-alone app in the future if they choose so.