Our platform is setup to work with most any type of business, event or venue, including Fairs, Festivals, Conferences, Trade Shows, Tourism Groups, Trade & Lobbying Organizations, Youth Gatherings, Sports Camps, Museums, Churches, Malls, 4-H Programs, etc. Basically any big gathering of people is a great fit for our platform. We have features specific to each type. For example:

  • FAIRS – Import your data from ShoWorks into a sortable, searchable list that works in the app even under low bandwidth scenarios.
  • CONFERENCES – Utilize custom maps of your tradeshow floor and direct people right to specific booth locations. Our platform allows you to do much more than just show a basic PDF.
  • USERS CONFERENCES – Our platform is quickly becoming a favorite for Users’ Conferences with its easy-to-setup content, inexpensive price point and feature set aimed at conferences.
  • MUSIC FESTIVALS – Embed YouTube clips of musical acts to showcase the best work of each of the artists to help the users find the bands they want to attend.
  • TRADE ORGANIZATIONS – Create password-protected member lists, recruit new members and stay in contact with your members through push notifications.
  • CORPORATE TRAINING – Powerful quiz and game tools mixed with embedded PDF options that make this an essential tool for conducting corporate training.
  • MALLS & SHOPPING CENTERS – Our detailed mapping tools and robust shop and restaurant creation tools make it easy to create an app your mall visitors can use year round. Add coupons and games like scavenger hunts to add even more stickiness to the app.
  • MUSEUMS – Our detailed mapping tools and gallery explorer tools make it easy to both showcase how to get around your museum as well as what to look at while you are there.
  • TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS – In addition to our robust maps and venue management tools, scavenger hunt and audio tours you can create an interactive experience around your city, campus, or venue.
  • YOUTH GATHERINGS – Utilize our social sharing capabilities to encourage and make sharing notes, events, and photos from your event easier for an audience already accustomed to using these tools.
  • SPORTS & OUTDOOR CAMPS – Stay in touch with your campers as well as parents throughout the week with our innovative camp platform.
  • CHURCHES – Give your attendees and congregants tools to stay up the latest news, sermons, events as well as promote what makes your Church unique.

Yes! All of our custom packages contain both an app for iOS and Android. Both apps will be published to each of their respective app stores simultaneously. The platinum package can contain an iPad Kiosk app as well. All of our container apps will run inside apps on both iOS and Android.

Our unique platform and Grandstand Builder gives you the option to both design and enter in the content or turn one or both of these tasks over to our team. Whether you are creating the app yourself or having our team team do it, we can launch a custom app to both app stores in as little as five business days. Container apps can be published immediately. Stand-alone apps require you to have an Apple and Google developer account which can take a few days to gain approval on so please factor that into your overall timeline.

For Container apps you can pay via credit card at any point during the 14-day free trial. For custom options where Grandstand helps you build, design, or manage the app we can do custom billing options that could involve invoicing or credit cards. If invoices are chosen we will do quarterly or yearly invoices.

Yes! You can manage as many apps as you need with a single admin login. Once you’ve paid for the first you can start additional apps at any point.

A truly native app brings your attendees an experience that can’t be replicated with a responsive website. A native app can do many things a responsive website can’t, including but not limited to:

  • Offline or Low-Bandwidth Usage
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Favoriting & Custom Schedule
  • Deep Map Integration
  • Richer Brand Experience
  • One-Time Use Coupons
  • One-Time Use Surveys
  • Offline Access to PDFs
  • Gamification – Launch Interactive Features Like Scavenger Hunts that can require specific location matches to redeem
  • Ease of Use

Our platform can include links to any of the major ticket sellers within the app, allowing for a smooth and streamlined experience for your attendees. Individual event listings can even link to separate ticket groups in the case where multiple ticket agencies are handing your ticket sales.

We offer full-service options starting at an extra $300 in addition to our self-service setup through our Grandstand Builder. Full-service content setup includes all schedule entry, vendor entry, coupon setup, map pin setup, and much more.

In 2017, Grandstand unveiled a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to preview your app in our Grandstand Demo app, which can be downloaded in either of the app stores. Once the base design is complete you will be able to enter a code to load a test version of your app to your phone. This makes tweaking the design and content easier and quicker. Once you get close to launch, we use Apple’s TestFlight and Google Play Beta to provide final previews of the app for you. Since almost 100% of the content of the app is not packaged with the app but silently loaded in the background, typically only one beta build is needed and most times that version is then pushed live to the general public. The only items we lock in at launch are the app icon and the default loading screens. Everything else, including home page background, logos, icons, etc. can be changed at any point.

The low-priced alternative to a full custom app is our $199 to $999 Container Apps that are part of a larger shared app, but packs all the same functionality as our higher-priced apps. Unlike many shared apps, Grandstand still gives you the power to completely customize the look and feel of each app as well as the content areas. Also, unlike many shared apps, we put your app into a shared app that shares the same genre. If you have a fair, festival, conference, youth event, or trade show you will get included in our Grandstand Events app. If you have a 4-H app you could be part of our 4-H Now Container app, etc. Even better, these apps will auto-recognize your location and put all the events in proximity order. That means when a user opens the app that 99% of the time they will see the event they are looking for listed first. All you need to do is tell your users to download the Grandstand Events app or one of our other genre apps. If you choose to make this have its own app store listing someday, you will always be able to move over the existing app easily and not have to move any content.