Container Apps vs. Stand-Alone Apps

Container apps have grown in popularity over the last few years as a way of creating an app for your event on a small budget. Many container apps have limited functionality, are extremely templated, and lack personality.

We took a different approach to the container app. Our first two container apps, Grandstand Events and 4-H Now, are the perfect blend of power, design, and affordability. Starting at $199 per event/year you can have a perfectly-branded app that matches the design you already have set for your event or business that’s much more than just a logo and a schedule.

Here is a quick version of the difference between Container Apps and Stand-Alone Apps:

Container App

Your event published in an App Store Container App like Grandstand Events
  • Go live in minutes
  • Easy attendee onboarding
  • Every feature available
  • Create your own design or upgrade for Grandstand to assist on design

Stand-Alone App Store App

A standalone app with your icon
  • Requires app store review (7-10 days)
  • Requires a separate download
  • Full design included

We understand that some users have an existing opinion of container apps. Here are some answers to common objections we hear:

  • DISCOVERABILITY – Some event hosts are worried their attendees will not be able to find their app easily. Grandstand solves that by using the attendees location to quickly and smartly figure out what event is closest to them and surfacing that at the top. Most users will simply open the app and see the event they are looking for at the top of the list. If they don’t see it, smart search tools are built in to help them find it quickly.
  • LACK OF FEATURES – Most container apps offer limited functionality that limit the event host, the event or attendee, or in most cases both. Grandstand’s container apps are built on the same platform and using the same tools that are used to craft apps for the largest of events and organizations. In fact, container apps can be made stand-alone apps and vice versa if needed, further illustrating that Grandstand offers full-featured container apps.

We would love to have you tour our platform and find out if Grandstand is right for you. Our 14-day free trials include the ability to demo your full app on your own device within minutes. Let’s get started!