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New Templates Available

More than 50 starter templates have been released that will help our app builders get started quicker and launch quicker. These starter templates are available on our new signup page at By choosing one of our starter templates we will setup the framework for your app allowing you to concentrate on content loading. Early customers have launched same-day apps in our Container Apps (Grandstand Events & 4-H NOW) or have started their app and handed it off to us to launch as a stand-alone App Store app.

We will be adding hundreds more templates in the coming months. See what you can build with Grandstand at

Create Your Own Holiday Lights App

New for the 2018 Holiday season is the ability to create your own Holiday Lights app for your city or neighborhood. Imagine creating a custom map with the best light displays throughout your city. Mix in some holiday quizzes or scavenger hunts, information about Holiday events and parties, and you have the one-stop source for Holiday fun in your city.

To learn more about what can be included in a Holiday Lights app and how your community can get started, click here.

Making it Easy to Promote

Grandstand has rolled out a full suite of tools that makes it easier than ever to promote your app after you have launched into the App Store. Whether you are creating a stand-alone app or putting your app in one of our containers like Grandstand Events or 4-H Now, you can now generate your own promotional website and promotional images. Included in this is a horizontal shareable image for Facebook and Twitter, a square image for Instagram, and a print ad that can be easily printed and distributed around your event. Link them to your very-own promotional website, similar to that will include links to both the Android app in Google Play and the iOS App in the iOS App Store. All of this content is self-generated and only require you to upload a Screenshot to automatically generate all of this great promotional content.

Survey & Live Poll Results – Sortable, Filterable, Searchable

Whether you are using Grandstand’s Survey Module, Form-Creator Module, or Live Poll, you always have access to the raw data that was produced by your app users. In fact many app owners had each response emailed to them directly each time a response came in which worked great when it came to forms that trickled in or were time sensitive.

But we always knew there was a better way to showcase the rich and powerful data that was being generated by these users. Earlier this week we released a new version of the survey results tool that gives admin users the ability to sort, filter, and search through their data in a beautiful table view. You can also export the data or copy it into your own Excel file for easy manipulation.

This means you can do a quick search through your feedback data to see how many times somebody mentioned the word ‘Food’ or ‘App’. You can even sort the data by column to put the data in the format that makes the most sense to you.

All of these features are available to current and future users of our app, at any price point, whether you are using the $399 container version or a more-expensive stand-alone app version.

Craftapped App aids exploring Craft Beer Scene in Upper Midwest

March 28, 2018 — Grandstand Apps is excited to announce the release of our newest app collaboration with Craftapped, a craft beer club for the Upper Midwest that partners with breweries and bars to offer credits for brews. You can redeem beer credits, find partners, track events, and track and rate the drinks you sample.

The app is built using Grandstand’s App Builder Control Panel. Grandstand customized the app by integrating the database of Craftapped thousands of members. The partnership with Craftapped provides a unique experience for their club members. By joining Craftapped, through registration available in the app, users are given 10 credits to use toward a brew of their choice at one of the 90+ partner breweries and bars.

The mobile app, available on both Apple and Android platforms, makes the program simple and easy to identify new breweries to sample and record the brews you try with your redemptions. The goal of the program and the app is to encourage users to explore the craft beer scene in the Upper Midwest, particularly around the Twin Cities and Milwaukee.

The Craftapped App includes features available to all apps built using the Grandstand Control Panel including event schedules with favoriting, mapping on native maps with custom pins and search, notifications, review or surveys, and partner lists. The Control Panel is easy to use to create your own customized app for your brand or event. This app uses the client’s existing registration database, which is something that can be optionally added to platform. Grandstand is also rolling out its own registration system that will be offered to select clients this Spring.

How iOS App Preorders Benefit Event Hosts

In order to be the most efficient and innovative in app development, Grandstand Apps is proud to offer iOS app pre-orders to any new client. Grandstand works directly with Apple to make your app available for pre-order via a product page in the App Store. Giving customers the option to pre-order your event app allows you to incite a buzz about your event without having to fully publish before the event schedule is finalized.


How it Works

Prior to releasing your app, Grandstand Apps works with you to build an extensive and informative application filled with tons of visual and textual content. Your product page is published to the App Store where customers can order your app before it is released. This product page includes a basic description, price and expected release date. The release date is up to you and can be anywhere from 2 to 90 days in the future. Be sure to plan ahead and set a release date that you can adhere to; it is important to provide your customers with accurate information. As long as your app is brand new and has never been published in the App Store, it is eligible for pre-order.


Benefits to Event Hosts

Hosting an event entails many details and incredible organization. From booking big name music acts to which food vendor will be set up where, there are a million things to consider. Working with Grandstand Apps to set up your event app for pre-order gives you more time to focus on your event ensuring a successful and entertaining celebration. It is a far better customer experience for the user to see a fully stocked app instead of one with only partial content; however, events typically like to wait to launch until they have as close to a final schedule as possible. Essentially by taking preorders, you maintain your customer base and keep them interested without being forced to launch too early.


App Pre-Order Bonuses

Along with providing a better customer experience, there are a few other bonuses to making your app available for pre-order. After you receive your first pre-order, custom pre-order reports begin to generate. Helpful pre-order reporting tracks the number of your app’s pre-orders made and canceled by customers. This information is convenient in estimating the number of event attendees and the effectiveness of your marketing channels. To best market to your audience that your app is available for pre-order, Grandstand Apps can help you with posting the App Store Pre-Order Badge to your website and social media outlets. Customers simply need to click on the button and they are taken directly to your app product page in the App Store.


On the release date that you have chosen, your app automatically downloads to your customer’s device and they also receive a notification telling them that your app is now available. If yours is a paid app, customers are not charged until the day the app is downloaded and they can always cancel pre-orders in the App Store settings, making pre-ordering risk free to your customers. With so many benefits and very little risk, offering your app for pre-order with Grandstand Apps is definitely the way to go.


First Private Container App Launches

Working with the City of Wenatchee in Washington State, Grandstand Apps had the pleasure of launching their first private container app. The Wenatchee Valley area is famous amongst outdoor enthusiasts for skiing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and more. Now, with the Wenatchee Valley container app, the region’s population of over 100,000 people can find out about local events with the click of a button.

Grandstand offers events and business three options when it comes to app building – Stand-Alone App Store Apps, Container Apps, or Private Containers. The City of Wenatchee has chosen to build Grandstand’s first-ever private container app which gives them their own App Store app that functions just like Grandstand Events or 4-H Now –  Grandstand’s two other container apps. This means, individual events and businesses in Wenatchee have the power to customize the look and the content of their specific app and include it in the Wenatchee app very easily. Using the Grandstand Events app, the City of Wenatchee hosts many different events, each with its own app personality to match the branding for that particular event. Each participating partner in that specific event is able to pay for their portion of the app separate and app administrators have access to the shared content between each app. From photography and beekeeping classes to annual evening galas, the residents of the Wenatchee Valley area are quickly informed of the upcoming event via the Wenatchee Valley App.

The best thing about using a container app is that once the user downloads the app, they now have the app on their iPhone or Android when the next Wenatchee Valley event rolls around. Also, the app auto-recognizes the user’s location and features events close in proximity so that most of the time the user opens the app and immediately sees the event they are looking for. The cost is $3,000 up front, plus the container app price which ranges from $199-$999 per event per year depending on how many users and how many features are desired. Clients such as the City of Wenatchee do have the option to move any of the apps included as part of the container app into its very own stand-alone app in the future if they choose so.

Riverside County Fair & Other Launches

Grandstand Apps kicked off 2018 with many new and exciting app development projects including partnering up with the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival to create its very own Official Fair App. In Indio California, this incredible 10 day long festival is filled with star-studded performances, spectacular carnival rides, animal adoption and even a President’s Day parade. For its 72nd annual celebration, the fair committee wanted to provide the attendees with something innovative and customized just for their festival; Grandstand Apps was there to help.

With an average of over 300,000 guests, it is important to communicate the fair’s special events, headliners, food vendors and also provide a full map of the festival grounds. Using the new, easy to read grid home page layout system, Grandstand Apps was able to build and launch a comprehensive mobile app in less than 4 weeks. Also, as a member of the Western Fairs Association, the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival receive a 5% discount on their content management and app development projects from Grandstand Apps.

In addition to the awesome Riverside project, this past month Grandstand has also launched productive and informative apps for Saltwater Highland Games, AVConnect and the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. Partners have the option of creating their own app on the Grandstand platform or having one of our team members design and manage it for them using the platform. 

4-H Now Container App Released

Grandstand Apps has launched the newest addition to our growing container app family – 4-H Now. The newest container app is a collection of 4-H focused apps built by state, county and local 4-H groups. 4-H Now is the home for hundreds of county 4-H groups who are looking to build an inexpensive app for their fair and other events throughout the year.

The 4-H Now collection will feature only apps built for 4-H, thereby guaranteeing parents and students the safety and security that a 4-H exclusive app can offer. Should you elect to produce a stand-alone app, the app can also be listed in the 4-H Now Container, or one of the other containers Grandstand offers.  These could be year-round apps for state or county 4-H programs, or a specific project niche app, or even an app just for a 4-H County or State Fair.

4-H groups have a variety of activities and events going on every month. Our full- or self-service platform can be used to build apps for varied needs. Apps can be built to share results at a county or state fair, share a schedule and featured events at a roundup, provide training for new volunteers, or offer a state-wide scavenger hunt for members or the public. In addition, using the platform, 4-H Educators can share curriculum in a unique lesson delivery setup through the Quiz Maker.

To launch your own app in 4-H Now you can build it yourself using Grandstand App Builder or pay a few dollars more and have us create the initial design and content loading. This unique approach means that apps will always match the 4-H brand, without the price tag that is usually associated with apps of this quality.

All apps created for 4-H groups include the full menu of options available for any app created using the Grandstand App Builder. Features that are especially useful for 4-H groups include:

  • Schedule or Calendar of events
  • Custom lists to create and manage lists of vendors, attendees, donors, members, groups, catalog of projects, etc.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • ShoWorks or result-tracking software integration
  • Custom maps
  • Social media
  • Robust Search

The 4-H Now container app is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store.





What’s New in December at Grandstand

November and December were very busy months for us at Grandstand. Here are just a few of the things we rolled out:

Themed Links on List Pages – We’ve given you better control than ever to include contextual links to businesses, speakers, and more that you might build as part of our ‘List’ tool in the app. Here are the themed links you can now use that are built in natively:

  1. – Facebook
    – Instagram
    – Twitter
    – YouTube
    – Spotify
    – SoundCloud
    – iTunes
    – Google Play
    – Order Online
    – View Menu
    – Call Uber
    – Yelp
    – Phone Number
    – 2 Custom Links with Ability to Title the Button

4-H Now Container App – Coming January 1 is the newest addition to our growing container app family – 4-H Now – a collection of 4-H focused apps built by state, county and local 4-H groups. 4-H Now will be the home for hundreds of county 4-H groups who are looking to build an inexpensive app for their fair and other events throughout the year. More details coming on this in early January!

iPhone X Support – We are continuing to rollout new updates to all our existing apps as we add support for iPhone X. Many apps have already been rolled out with more added every day. We are very proud of the way Grandstand apps look on the iPhone X and longer-screen Android devices.

Map Upgrades – Maps are a vital part of nearly every Grandstand app and so we are constantly adding to features to this vital tool for you and your users. New this month are the ability to add photos to any map item as well as provide links to corresponding list items.

Header – We’ve always allowed you unbelievable control of the home page with the ability to create nearly any type of home page layout you were looking for. We are now bringing that control to interior pages. First up is the ability to supplement or take over your interior page headers with an image graphic. You can use patterns that match your existing brand or continue to use our solid color tools that we have always offered you.

Quiz – In November we rolled out Quiz, a huge new module that allows you to create many types of quizzes for your users, including the ability to score the quiz and unlock rewards. More details of Quiz can be found in our article from November.