App Store Access Alternative

Some developers choose not to allow limited access to their Apple and Google Developer accounts which is understandable. Luckily there are more than one way to submit an app to a Developer account. By following these instructions you will be able to allow Grandstand to build an app and then have you submit it on our behalf. It will just take a little extra work on your end to provide us with the rights we need in a safe and secure way without giving us access to Apple Developer, iTunesConnect or Google Play Developer Admin. Follow these steps:

Submit to iOS
1. Login to Apple Developer account and go to Identifiers -> App IDs and setup a new app with the name we supply to you.
2. If you are using Push Notifications, create a new Push Developers certificate for that app using a cert that you create from your machine.
3. Create a Provisioning Profile for Distribution for this app, selecting your main account as the Certificate.
4. Go to your Keychain Access on your Mac and export a password-protected P12 of both the distribution certificate and the push notification certificate.
5. Send the 2 P12 files along with the Provisioning Profile to
6. Once we have these two things we will be able to send you an .ipa file that you can submit to iTunesConnect.

Submit to Android
1. Provide us with a .keystore file or have us create a new one for you that will always be associated with this app.
2. Once we have this we will be able to send you an .apk file that you can submit to Google Play.