About Grandstand

Grandstand was founded in 2016 as a fully-featured event platform with the goal of adding convenience and fun to the users event experience. The company is located in Lincoln, Neb., and is used by some of the largest events and conferences in the country, including State Fairs for Minnesota, Nebraska, and Ohio State. The platform can be used for fairs, festivals, or conferences.

The Grandstand experience is focused around these key concepts:

  1. Remove Frustration from the Attendees Experience
    You want your attendees to enjoy themselves at whatever type of event you are putting on and we are focused on making sure they have no roadblocks to the fun. That means they always have access to the latest schedules, easy access to maps, fun opportunities to interact with others, and not worry about how strong their connection is in the process.
  2. Provide Actionable Improvement Areas Back to the Event Hosts
    Never before have you had such direct access to the user for marketing and communication purposes. Because of this we make sure you have tools to collect the information that is important to you about your event attendees. After every event we provide detailed feedback to show you ways you can improve on the event the next year.
  3. Provide Ways to Offset App Costs
    Although our apps are one of the most inexpensive in the market, we feel you should not have to eat the entire cost of the app by yourself, so we provide tools for you to sell advertising, sponsorships, and coupons to earn back your money or even turn the app into a revenue generator.

As we build the platform all decisions go back to these three items. We have seen many event apps that go against these philosophies, whether they provide a bad user experience, or lack of analytics back to the host, or no opportunities to sell ads against all the content.

We’d love to talk to you about your event or company and see how we might be a fit.

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