Plans & Pricing

Your Brand. Your App.

Grandstand offers four plans to build a powerful app for your business or event. Using our award-winning app management system that requires no technical knowledge, you can build the app yourself or have us help you get started. In addition, we also provide ongoing app content management. If you choose to build it yourself, simply let us know when you are ready to publish and we will help you get it launched into the Apple and Google Play App Stores.

I Need Some Help

If you would like help designing and setting up your app or just want help managing your app for the long term, visit our Concierge page and start your custom quote or see below for our Do-It-Yourself pricing.

I Want To Build It Myself

Per Month*
Shared App
Create a fully-featured app that will live inside one of our industry-specific apps. A great way to start!
Easy Content Management
On-Phone App Previews
Customizable Styling
Unlimited Installs
Instant Updates
1 App Administrator
Chat & Email Support
Start Free Trial
Per Month*
App Store App
Your brand, your icon. Create a standalone app with its own app-store listings.
Everything in Basic +
Individual App Store Listing
Automated Publishing
App Analytics
Start Free Trial
Per Month*
All Features Unlocked
Gain access to everything Grandstand offers to create a beautiful and powerful app.
Everything in Silver +
Unlimited Pages/Menus
Option to Self Publish **
Audio Tours
Automated News Integration
Add Geo-Fencing to Scavenger Hunts & Photo Filters
Password-Protected Content
Competition Results ***
Start Free Trial
* Billed yearly. Month-to-month prices are $20 extra per month. Apps for single events require a minimum initial payment of 5 months or more.
** Electing to self publish is an annual fee of $250.
*** Results Module included in Gold and above packages at no additional cost, and available in all other packages for an additional $40/month. Results Module allows you to upload up to 25,000 rows of Excel or CSV files with event results with up to 3 category levels for easy browsing and searching. Perfect for any competitions at your event, venue or business.

15 Basic Modules

Included in All Plans

Month-at-a-glance calendar with links to maps, lists
Native Maps
Set pins over the top of Google/Apple native maps
Custom Graphic Maps
Set pins over the top of your own maps
Page Builder
Create pages with mixes of photos, web links, long-form text, as well as buttons that trigger action to place a call, start a text message, get directions and more
Twitter Feed Integration
View Twitter feeds of select usernames and hashtags as well as promote hashtag usage throughout the app
Put any lists you have into interactive, searchable lists within the app. Lists are typically used for attendee lists, store listings, vendor listings, sponsors and more
Priority Lists
Add multiple levels or hierarchy to your lists with featured and priority lists that segment your lists into smaller groupings
Photo Filters
Take on Snapchat and Instagram with custom photo filters that can overlay user photos
Rotating banner ads with your graphical ads on map, schedule, or list pages
Offer your users coupons, including both single-use coupons and multi-use coupons
Ask your users open-ended questions, multiple choice and view the results in real time in the admin and export to Excel
Photo Scrollers
Create graphical lists with photos with interactive capabilities
Scavenger Hunt
Create a custom scavenger hunt game with code or word redemption
Icon Customizer Tool
Upload your own icons or choose from preset icons

Basic Features

Included in All Plans

Easy Content Management
Our user-friendly editor allows anyone to create and edit apps in minutes – with no coding or technical skills required.

On-Phone App Previews
Preview your app within minutes of getting started on your phone with Grandstand Viewer.

Customizable Styling
Go beyond color matching and truly make the app match your brand, with textures, icons, and more.

Instant Publishing
Instantly publish your app and make changes on the fly without waiting for app store approval.

Unlimited App Installs
Share your app with as many users as you like. No limit on the number of users that can download the app to their phone.

1 App Administrator
One login for a member of your team to manage the app with the ability to make app updates 24/7/365.

Chat & Email Support
Quick support to help you through setup, before and after app launch.

Bronze Features

Included in Bronze & Above

Individual App Store Listing
Users will be able to find your app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store just by searching your name.

App Analytics
View detailed analytics on how your app is getting used. Simply set your time frame and then view a Powerpoint or PDF-exportable stat package.

Silver Features

Included in Silver & Above

Single-Event Schedules
Create detailed schedules with itinerary creator, links to maps and more. Perfect for 1 to 15 day events with more than 5 scheduled events per day.

Unlimited Push Notifications
Always keep your users in the loop by sending instant updates right to the home screen of their mobile devices. Alerts can be scheduled or sent immediately.

Team Editing
Allow multiple users to control your app, including granular push notification access controls.

Batch Content Uploading
App setup is a breeze with direct uploading of excel files into the app.

Phone Support
Allow multiple users to control your app, including granular push notification access controls.

Offline PDFs
Have the app store specific PDFs for offline viewing

Gold Features

Included in Gold

Competition & Results Module
Show searchable and browseable results for any competition your organization may have. Simply upload excel or csv files with up to 25,000 rows.

Unlimited Menu Items & Pages
Create as many home page and menu links as you would like.

Geo-Fenced Scavenger Hunts/Audio Tours
Add a location requirement to your scavenger hunts and audio tours.

Historical Alerts Module
Add a module to your app that will show all previously sent push notification alerts setup to look like news articles. Allows those that download the app at any point to see all alerts.

Audio Tours
Take attendees on a journey around your area, venue or facility with unique audio tour.

News Integration
Show updated news automatically from your website with news feed integrations.

Geo-Fenced Photo Filters
Add photo filters that are only available at a specific location, similar to Snapchat’s paid photo filters.

Live Polls
Create live polls and show some or all of the results immediately to your users after completion.

Compare Plans

iPhone & Android Apps
Shared App Store App
Branded App Store App
Branded App Store App
Branded App Store App
Control All Content from Web-Based Grandstand App Builder
Multi-Day Schedule with Sharing, Filtering & Links to Map
Calendar-View Schedule with Sharing, Filtering & Links to Map
Itinerary Creator (Schedule Favoriting)
Ability to Custom Design Home Page
Universal Home Page Search
Ability to Upload Custom Icons
Home Page Icons
Up to 9
Up to 9
Up to 9
Up to 36
Slideout Menu for Additional Pages, Links & More
Up to 6 Links
Up to 6 Links
Up to 10 Links
Unlimited Links
Font Usage
Choose from 8
Choose from 8
Choose from 8
Custom Fonts
Maps with Unlimited Pin Overlays (Native Device Map or Your Static JPG Map)
1 Map
1 Map
1-3 Maps
1-5 Maps
Map Search & Map Filters
Custom-Designed Map Pins
Push Notifications
Number of Push Notification Groups Offered to Your App Users
Up to 6
Number of Push Notifications That Can Be Sent Per Event or Month
In-App Log of Previously Sent Push Notifications (Displayed as News)
Deep Linking of Notifications from Alert to Specific Location in App
Password-Protection for Specific Push Group Signup
Photo Filters
Social-Media Style Swipeable Photo Filters
1 Filter
1 Filter
Up to 3 Filters
Up to 6 Filters
Scavenger Hunt
1 Per 3 Mons.
1 Per 3 Mons.
1 Per Month
Scavenger Hunt Reward/Coupon for Completion
Audio Tour
Coupons with Redemption Tracking
Options for Single-Use Coupons & Form Completion to Redeem
Vendor, Food, Sponsor, or Other Lists with Priority Separators
Speaker/Artist/Performer Pages w/ Links to Applicable Schedule
Password-Protection of Individual Lists
Survey or Form with Free-Text Entry or Multiple Choice Options
1 Up to 5 Questions
1 Up to 5 Questions
3 Up to 15 Questions
Survey Completion Redeemable for Coupon/Reward
New! Live Polls
Twitter Feed Integration with Links to Other Social Media
1 Twitter Feed
1 Twitter Feed
Up to 2 Twitter Feeds
Up to 4 Twitter Feeds
Rotating Banner Ads on Schedule, Lists, Maps
Access to App Download Numbers
Access to App Usage Analytics + Download Numbers

Agency Pricing

Grandstand offers discounts to resellers and agencies and even offers white label services, including custom app grouping apps. Call 402-770-1654 for more information on these packages.