Developer Accounts

For any stand-alone apps, Grandstand requires each entity to supply their own Apple and Google Developer Accounts. Here are instructions to set those up and how to grant access to Grandstand staff members:

Apple Setup:

  • Make sure you have these documents to enroll as an Organization:
  • Create a new Apple account and follow the instructions to purchase an Apple Developer’s License for $99: Please note that in order for Grandstand to submit the app on. your behalf you will need to register as an Organization and not as an Individual.
  • Once purchased, sign in to, and click People.
  • Click Invite People.
  • Enter the as an Admin user and click invite.
  • Login to and go to Users
  • Add a new user for First Name: Grandstand, Last Name: Apps, Email:
  • Select App Manager from Roles and hit Save

Google Play Setup:

  • Go to the Google Play Developer Console at and sign up for an account.
  • Read and agree to the Google Play Developer distribution agreement.
  • Pay the registration fee for your account.
  • Fill out your Google Play Developer Profile.
  • Go to Developer Account -> Users & Permissions -> INVITE NEW USER and invite Role should be Release Manager