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You’ve taken a lot of time to develop the brand for your conference or trade show and we think that brand should be carried through in your mobile app too. Many conference apps give you little more than logo placement in the app. Other conference apps make your attendees go on a wild goose chase that requires you to download their own app first and then enter a special code inside of that app.

We think there’s a better way.

With Grandstand we put your brand first. Each app home screen is custom built for you and all colors and fonts throughout the app can be completely customized. Even better, we do the initial setup, before handing it off to you to enter the final schedule and location details.


15 Standard Features

Grandstand also goes out of its way to not nickel and dime you. Our standard package features more than 15 major features for both iPhone and Android, including:


  • Twitter Username & Hashtag Integration
  • Tiered Sponsor Lists
  • Advertising
  • Photo Booth
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Photo Gallery Pages
  • News Feed Integration



The only extra features we charge you for are advanced features like Scavenger Hunts, Vendor Coupons, Contest Results, and our innovative Rewards platform that incentivizes your attendees to use the app to unlock specials and coupons.


Integrated Platform

All of these features are tied intricately together to allow attendees to hop easily from a scheduled event to the corresponding map location, or from a speaker bio to a specific scheduled event they will be speaking at.

Underlying all of this is an invaluable communication tool that allows you direct access to all of your attendees throughout and after the event. You can send them push notifications to let them know about venue changes or direct them to fill out a survey in the app to unlock a special at the hotel bar.

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Starting at $99/Month

Prices start at just $99/month. Fill out this form to have one of our team members get in contact with you to start a demo or start your app creation.

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